OfficeScene is an Office Chairs supplier in Cape Town with over two decades of industry experience. Our clientele are small, medium and large businesses based primarily in the Western Cape, but we also service customers throughout South Africa.

Pick and choose from among some of the world’s most renowned designs for office chairs. We offer chairs that reference a variety of designs, starting with the innovations in manufacturing and use of materials that happened in the beginning of the 20th century through the design explosion that is associated with the mid-century modern period, up through more contemporary designs with their emphasize on bold appearances, wider color options, and advanced comfort with organic curves and lines. As an Office Chairs supplier in Cape Town our products include options for retail and home use, office spaces, lofts, studios, or large home dwellings.


Office Chairs

High Backs, Mid Backs, Visitors, Ergonomical, etc.

Soft Seating

Couches and Ottomans

Full Seating Range
High Back Office Chair
Mid Back Office Chair
Mesh Back Chair
Operators & Typist Chairs
Visitors Chairs
Heavy Duty Office Chair
Ergonomic Chairs
Econo Office Chair
Hospitality Chairs
Soft Seating