Cluster Desking

Cluster desks make it possible to create multiple group workstations, especially in open plan workplaces and this is one of the main reasons for increased popularity of this type of desking in the last few years. If you have several departments within your company you can easily organise the available space by grouping the employees in relevant clusters. Cluster desks are also extremely cost effective as they use less space and can have a lot of elements that are shared by multiple users – desk screens, waste bins and other office equipment. Cluster workstations are also convenient as power points, network or phone sockets and all cables can be placed in one location per cluster workstation unit.

Cluster workstations are great for improving productivity, promoting teamwork and sharing information. Space efficiency is also a factor that is worth considering – cluster desks take up less space to accommodate the same amount of people than single desks. With cluster workstations employees are located in one area so it saves space and time as employees are located close to each other.