“Boosting productivity and healthy working in the office”

Our furniture has been designed and developed with careful consideration to offer functionality and to be aesthetically pleasing, creating an efficient office environment and ensuring that the office feels like home.  With the expertise of a highly qualified Manufacturing Engineer, our Sales Consultants are empowered to offer the best possible business furniture solutions unique to every brief.


Our consultants guide each client throughout the entire process, offering the following value-added services

  • Site surveys to ensure accuracy of furniture layouts
  • Space planning to optimise usable space
  • 3D renders of proposed new furniture solutions on request
  • Selection of finishes and fabrics to suite each client’s corporate identity and/or vision of a
    productive office environment

The Factory

With a highly skilled and motivated workforce, our factory adheres to strict standards, manufacturing from engineered drawings and documentation whether the brief is for standard or custom designed business furniture solutions.  Our European machinery is state-of-the-art equipment boasting CNC technology capable to work to the highest level of accuracy and efficiency.

Our factory has been re-engineered to include a new spray facility, allowing our spray painters to operate in a dust free environment.  A newly installed filtration system not only prevents unwanted dust from settling onto newly manufactured goods, but also enhances a safe working environment for our factory staff.


Ergonomics as applied to office furniture design is a science based discipline that focuses on how we interact with the physical aspects of our environment. With a sound understanding of Ergonomics, one can ensure that design optimises human well-being to increase efficiency and productivity. As we understand the importance of Ergonomics, Officescene™ offers a range of Ergonomically certified furniture.

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