Monitor Arms

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The answer to any work desk clutter is clever design. Here we will discuss the importance of using monitor arms. You will only realise how much space is wasted by having a standing monitor on your desk when you invest in a monitor arm. Elevating your monitor from your work surface not only results in a far more productive and …

Inspirational Home Office Ideas

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Working from home is a good idea for many people, but what do you do with the work space? In the recent years there has been a rising trend of people working from home, so some needs started to appear when it comes to interior design.

6 ½ considerations for securing the home office

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As increasing numbers of employees work from home, organisations often overlook the security needs of remote workers. Telework predates the BYOD phenomenon by decades. Despite Yahoo!’s move to the contrary, many organisations are shrinking their office spaces and expanding their employees’ ability to work from home. Employees value the flexibility and the lack of a commute while employers value lower …