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What you need to know is how to turn your desk into a standing desk. Your existing desk–the desk you have now. Once you’re sure you can work this way–and it does require a certain level of commitment–then you can either make your temporary standing desk more permanent or you can fork over for a purpose-made standing desk, whether that turns out to be an adjustable one or not.



Why you don’t always need to replace your existing desk

We have found that there is a common misconception when it comes to Height adjustable desks. When people decide they need the flexibility of a height adjustable desk, they automatically assume they need to buy a completely new desk and get rid of their existing fixed desk.

Whilst this can be the case, there is another way of dealing with the situation. You could keep your existing desk and still benefit from a sit-stand working option. This seems impossible, but you can convert your desk from a static fixture to a moving top desk.


How an adaptor can transform a fixed desk to sit stand

Instead of getting rid of your desk and spending a fortune on a new Height adjustable desk, keep your original desk and transform it by adding a special adjustable workstation onto your desk and there are lots of options to choose from.

You can add a clamp on unit incorporating a vertical riser that mounts to the rear of your desk. This typically has a lower work surface that sits flush on your desk top when you’re sitting and is quickly raised by lifting it to the ideal height when standing to work. One of our most popular rear mounting workstations is the QuickStand.



The QuickStand workstation provides an adjustable lower work surface to hold the keyboard and mouse with your monitor attaching to the top of the riser using the built in VESA mounts. Screen can be adjusted independently for correct viewing height and there’s also a double monitor version. The column is designed to conceal cables for a clean look.


This begs the question, Are normal height adjustable desks redundant?

At first glance, this looks like a great idea and seems to rule out the need to ever buy a completely new desk. Under the right circumstances these add on units make perfect sense as long as you recognize their limitations.

A rear mounted clamp on convertor like QuickStand, offers a little more flexibility as it has a larger adjustable work surface. Even so, once you’ve added keyboard, mouse and notepad the movable work area doesn’t have much extra space.


Are there any other unforeseen limitations?

With any and all add on workstations you need to pay close attention to the weight of the equipment you plan to use with them, as there are restrictions to what they can physically support. This applies to both monitor weight as well as the load capacity the adjustable work surface/keyboard mouse tray will support. So be careful before just jumping in.

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