The Benefits of using a Height Adjustable Desk

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Sitting at a desk all day can have a devastating effect on both the employers and the employees. Spending long hours sitting in a fixed position can make an employee feel drowsy, cramped and irritable. Not only does this lower productivity but can cause more severe health issues in the future.

Some people can work for hours without any ailments what so ever. It is however completely understandable if you find yourself feeling like a rusted door hinge, unable to move, at the end of the day. The human body was not designed to be sitting at a desk day in and day out. This is where a sit stand desk can make a huge difference in helping you to work productively and more healthily while relieving discomfort at the same time. sit-standHere is why movement and variation so important

While a good quality office chair offers great support and comfort, it can only go so far. As a result of this it is always advised that you get out of your chair regularly throughout the day to stretch your legs and give the rest of your body a slight break.

The reality is that we get so engrossed in our work that we lose track of time and land up sitting for far too long until the aches and pains set in and force us to move around.

The beauty of a sit-stand-desk is the ability to both sit and stand while working. This allows you to work in a wide variety of postures that can’t be achieved while sitting. This helps to make the user feel far more natural when working. And by taking note of your body’s signals of fatigue and stress all that’s needed is a changed of work position. This wide variation of movement keeps the body more active and healthy and improves productivity at the same time.

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What benefits do office workers typically find working this way?

Sit-Stand Desk workers often report significant benefits when changing from straight sitting all day to this more flexible working method.

These users often find the following:

  • It keeps them in better shape physically
  • It helps to control weight as additional activity burns off excess calories
  • An ability to focus and concentrate more effectively
  • A greater level of energy
  • Feeling more actively engaged in their work
  • A much wider variety of positions, many of which can’t be achieved with a chair
  • Less aches and pains through being more active

There are also other less obvious benefits like improved blood circulation which in turn leads to the nourishment of muscles ultimately making them stronger and healthier.

A recent study shows the long-term harm of prolonged sitting

The American Cancer Society launched a study of 120,000 people with no prior history of serious illness and the results were less than desirable.

They discovered that mortality rates rose by 37% for women and 18% for men who worked more than 6 hours a day sitting, when compared to those sitting for less than 3 hours a day. The results are disturbing to say the least.

And yet when you look at the history of man’s evolution it has all been based around moving and walking. The past 80 years or so has seen a huge change in all this as we have suddenly become largely sedentary. For many the greater part of their waking hours is spent sitting and that’s not good.

stand-up-for-ergonomics-postureIs all this sitting in an office chair killing you?

Here at Office Scene we recently made the statement – “Sitting is the new Smoking”. The article looked at the problems of sitting showing that prolonged sitting inflicted undue pressure on the back’s discs. It is highly recommended that you read this article to find out more about how harmful sitting at a desk can be to your health.

Find out more about sit stand working

So, if you’re fed up with sitting in discomfort for prolonged hours, take a look at our website to find the desk to best suite your needs. You can also contact us here at Office Scene as a friendly consultant is standing by to answer all you questions and help improve your working environment.

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