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A company’s philosophy, employees and environmental awareness can be determined by looking at their office furniture. Here are 3 mistakes that should be avoided:

1) Not considering your employees.

A diverse workforce is something many companies champion, but that diversity can mean one size does not fit all. Some employees may do well when it comes to an open office plan, however, even these employees need privacy for phone calls or to focus on an important task. Providing furniture in larger conference spaces for face-to-face meetings will give those people who work better in a low-key space more room to do their jobs and do them well. When your employees are happy, their productivity is greater and they stay at the company longer.

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2) Missing flexibility for the lengthy trip.

When your business has decided to move to other premises, your furniture needs to be moved. Cubicles are no longer being used as they do not allow for productivity within a team. Mobile furniture may be a better option for you as the multifunctionality improves creativity. The constant moving of furniture uses the space more effectively.

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3) Lower price over quality.

Wear and tear doesn’t only occur on your office furniture, your employees get worn out if the office furniture is not of a good quality as well. Comfortable, ergonomic furniture saves their physical and mental health, allowing them to focus on their jobs and keep your clients happy. Needless to say, that good quality office furniture requires less frequent repairs or replacements. When you purchase the office furniture, another good thing to consider is the warranty on the furniture. If your office depreciates the furniture on a five-year term and your warranty runs out after 2 years, you could face replacement costs before your budget is ready.

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We hope that the next time you purchase office furniture, you keep the above mistakes in mind and avoid making them.


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