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It’s a known fact that adults spend nearly 40% of their day at work. While there are some that have a more “hands on” job that required physical labour, however the majority of working adults spend their day stuck behind desk staring at a computer screen for hours on end. Given the time spent behind a desk each day, it is important that you follow some, if not all, of the following tips and tricks. You will learn for to utilise your work space more effectively and maximize productivity, output and intern your happiness while at work.

Surround yourself with things that make you happy

There are some people who believe that a clean desk automatically results in an unobstructed mind. While this is true for some people, there are a lot of people who find comfort and freedom in decorating their own work space with personal items. This serves at a great reminder that even though you spend a good 9 hours at your desk, you still have a life away from the office. Happy reminders of this are pictures of your loved ones, inspirational quotes, fake or real plants and other small objects that will help spark creativity. However, it is important to remember that there is a fine line with décor.

Day dreaming is a must

We always recommend having a desk near to a window. While it may prove to be distracting at times, putting yourself in a position to watch see the world outside and consume natural light has numerous health benefits. Staring at a computer for long periods of time can cause your eyes to become droopy and tired, having the window near by will allow you to give your eyes a break and avoid eye strain.

Listen to some groovy tracks

Workplaces are notorious for being noisy and busy. It is even more hectic if you have a desk instead of your own office. It can sometimes feel as if you are being rude for putting on headphones. However, this will help to focus your attention and increase productivity and creativity, it can also encourage you to finish the task at hand. For these reasons, music availability at your desk is a must.

Give yourself a Standing Ovation

Sitting at a desk all day can have a devastating effect on both the employers and the employees. Spending long hours sitting in a fixed position can make an employee feel drowsy, cramped and irritable. Not only does this lower productivity but can cause more severe health issues in the future. Some people can work for hours without any ailments what so ever. It is however completely understandable if you find yourself feeling like a rusted door hinge, unable to move, at the end of the day. The human body was not designed to be sitting at a desk day in and day out. This is where a sit stand desk can make a huge difference in helping you to work productively and more healthily while relieving discomfort at the same time. Read more on the Benefits of using a height adjustable desk

Give yourself a break

You might be thinking that this is the most obvious tip of all, and has nothing to do with organisation. However, it is the most essential tip to increasing productivity. The number one way to increasing productivity is to get up and leave your desk frequently throughout the day. But is important to not misuse this piece of advise.

Drink excessive amounts of water will not only be extremely healthy for you, but it will also encourage you to stand up and walk around, whether it’s refilling your water jug or using the loo. Getting up and walking around for 5 minutes can be the mental refresher you need to get you over the mental slump.

We hope that these tips have been useful and will hep increase your productivity at work, however if some of the tips are not meeting your expectations, try altering them to fit your personality and work type.

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