OfficeScene History: Martin Neethling Furniture Design was established in 1992 by Martin Neethling, ex Director and shareholder of Brown & Neethling.   With more than 22 years of experience in Office Furniture Manufacturing, the Company grew rapidly and soon became a major force in the South African Office Furniture arena.

In July 2004, Frans Fouche, who is the owner of Execu-Move, one of the top transportation and relocation companies in South Africa, bought the Office furniture operation from Martin Neethling and registered the trade mark “OfficeScene”. The Cape Town based factory was modernized with state of the art CNC and other stand- alone machines and equipment, providing solutions for every production phase, ensuring speed of production and extra ordinary quality standards.




OfficeScene is a dynamically, growing and environmentally-friendly manufacturer of high quality Office furniture, striving to produce and supply our clients with superior quality Office Furniture at reasonable prices and to help them achieve a sophisticated work environment. Our two qualified engineers ensure quality of the highest order is achieved and maintained.


OfficeScene embraces Black Economic Empowerment.
We were proud to be rated as a level 2 BEE contributor until 13 October 2016 but please note we are currently awaiting our new revised BEE status for this year.

BEE Status