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Making your own personal new year’s resolutions are great, but have you ever thought of making a list for your Career. This is a perfect way to focus on what improvements can be made to improve your productivity. There is a chance that you will read this list and already be doing everything we suggest, and if you are that’s great. However, we would like to encourage you to think long and hard about the areas of your job that need some improvement.


Become more engaged

If you feel that you were not the most engaged worker this past year, don’t fret as you can very easily get back on the correct track. This should be your main priority in the office, because not only will you benefit but everyone around you will too. There is no doubt in our minds, that your boss will notice as well and really appreciates the effort.


Eat Right

Most of the time this is everyone’s personal goal, but why not carry it over to the office. WE find it especially helpful to pack your lunch the night before. Packing your lunch on a full stomach will avoid you sneaking in those unhealthy options and you will be able to focus on healthy eating., and this will save you money as well.


Go above the call of duty

There is always room to grow your career, and never be afraid to challenge yourself. If you push yourself at work and do extra projects you wouldn’t normally do, you will learn new things and get ahead of your co workers. Small tasks will add up quickly and make you look like a new and improved employee, which could prompt some amazing promotions and opportunities in the future.


Communication is Key

This is an absolute must when it comes to resolutions. You should work on both aspects of communication, Speaking and Listening! Become aware of what needs to be addressed and address it. While you are working on this, try working on becoming a better listener as well.


Be Positive

This aspect should be incorporated to every aspect of your life, not just at work. If you become an uplifting and optimistic person, it will rub off on those around you. While you are making the change for yourself, you will be helping others change around you.


Here at Office Scene, we believe that each new year should be a fresh start for everyone. A Clean desk, clear mind and fresh resolutions. We also recommend that you add your own resolutions to our list, and become a better brighter you, and look back in a years time where you will be reaping in the benefits.

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