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The answer to any work desk clutter is clever design. Here we will discuss the importance of using monitor arms.

Humanscale M8 monitor arm

You will only realise how much space is wasted by having a standing monitor on your desk when you invest in a monitor arm. Elevating your monitor from your work surface not only results in a far more productive and efficient work space but also creates a near perfect ergonomic environment for you to work in.

Monitor arms allow for complete flexibility to move your monitor from side to side, up and down, along with various angles in-between. To receive the greatest comfort from your workstation; simply move your monitor in the desired direction.

Monitor arms vary in style,  so here at OfficeScene we offer the MFlexHumanscale M2 and the Humanscale M8.

M2 – Humanscale
Humanscale M2 monitor arm
At Humanscale, the design team pride themselves on their design philosophy of functional form, human factors, timeless design and environmental sustainability.
The award-winning team of 17 international designers have created another top-quality product.

Instead of the outdated gas system, the Humanscale’s M2 has a spring-loaded action. The M2 monitor arm is made of aluminium, steel and plastic borders with its solid form and mechanical styling. Supports monitors up to approximately 9kg.

Masterminded, the M2 is 99% recyclable after use and is manufactured from 52% recycled content. It has a slim design allowed for the manufacturing process to be much quicker and allowed for a lot fewer parts to be used to make this durable monitor arm.

Visit our showroom or contact one of our consultants to discuss how we can help office productivity by installing some of our world class monitor arms.

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