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Working from home is a good idea for many people, but what do you do with the work space?

In the recent years there has been a rising trend of people working from home, so some needs started to appear when it comes to interior design. One of these issues or needs is the workplace at home. Everybody knows you can’t really be productive if you’re working from bed (or at least, most people can’t), so a great idea is to set up a workplace of your own. But if you imagine you need an entire room for this, think again!

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Here you have some useful home office ideas:

1. A small desk and a window are more than enough. It’s an excellent idea to orient your desk towards a window so that you can fully use natural light, especially if you need to write or read. However, if you mainly use a computer to work, it’s not advisable to place it against the window, since the combination between natural and artificial light is not beneficial for your health. Add a small bookcase nearby to store books or other materials you need to work and you’re ready to work from home!

2. Improvise. You don’t need a standard desk to work properly, so if you have an armoire laying around, for instance, you can repurpose it and transform it into a customized desk. Make sure that you have enough space to properly work and you will be surprised to see how useful the drawers can turn out to be. Organize them according to your needs and voila! you have a great workspace just for you!

3. Use the wall. As surprising as it may seem, a wall can turn out to be very useful when designing a workplace. Just use some floating shelves and a small desk and that’s it! For a truly minimalistic design, you can even replace the desk with a larger board stuck to the wall. Add a comfy chair and some decorations and make it look more personal. Remember to match the colors in the design!

4. Use bright colors. Regardless of the option you choose for your personal workplace, bright colors are a good idea. They can be pretty reinvigorating and energizing, which means they’re perfect for keeping you alert and making you focus on what you have to do. In contrast, if you use pastel colors or plain ones, the place may even look boring and not stimulate you at all, though it may prove to be relaxing.

5. Take advantage of the corners. Usually they are highly underappreciated and not used, which leads to a waste of space. Use small desks or, as we said, wood boards, and improvise an original workspace. It will be even more pleasant knowing that you designed it and that it didn’t take many effort as other home office ideas that involved sacrificing an entire room. However, always consider your needs regarding space and its organization for a better efficiency. Don’t forget about health issues and safety measures either!

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