How Office Furniture Affects Your Company’s Productivity

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Providing a positive atmosphere for your employees can lead to increased employee happiness, comfortableness, and productivity. While part of this atmosphere includes the relationship between colleagues, a huge part of employee productivity is connected to the physical office environment. Hiring an interior design team to help prepare your office for highly efficient workers is a great idea. Read on for what you need to know about how office furniture affects your company’s productivity levels:

Comfortable Chairs

When office furniture isn’t comfortable, it can be difficult to focus on work. Being uncomfortable while trying to finish a big project can put a serious strain on a person’s productivity. When purchasing furniture for your office, make sure you opt for choices that are comfortable, don’t cause back pain or kinks, and can be sat in with ease for an extended period of time. On the same note, don’t purchase office furniture that is too comfortable–we’re talking reclining chairs here–as too much comfort can increase relaxation and therefore decrease productivity.

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Organized Areas

Another thing to consider when purchasing office furniture is the organization it will bring to the office. For example, desks should be large enough to work on, and should include drawers in which employees can organize documents or other materials. If you’re a company with a lot of paperwork, consider opting for filing cabinets that are a manageable size and have plenty of storage room. Another part of organization is space, and you should pick furniture that provides plenty of working room while also not crowding the office. If employees feel claustrophobic, it’s unlikely that they’ll be as productive as they could be.

Appropriate Ambiance

Employees will perform best in an office where the furniture is inviting, appropriate, and fits in well to a professional and friendly atmosphere. Avoid colors that are too harsh on the eyes or furniture pieces that are drab and depressing. If you’re running a tech company, modern furniture might be appropriate for your office, and help set the tone for the work. On the other hand, if you’re in charge of a law firm, choosing more traditional furniture might be more fitting for your team.

Quality Choice

The furniture that you pick for your office should be durable, in good shape, and long lasting. Choosing quality materials for your office furniture is important. If furniture is chipped or broken, it can create a depressing atmosphere that may leave your employees feeling undervalued. By providing high quality office furniture, you not only create a comfortable and attractive working space for employees, but you also show them that you value their work and contributions to the company. Employees will respond to feeling valued by producing excellent work and demonstrating increased levels of productivity.

Great Lighting

Light fixtures and lamps are an important part of an office space. If your office doesn’t have plenty of windows where workers can receive a lot of natural light, you may want to consider investing in some great light fixtures and personal desk lamps. You can also invest in task lighting, where task light is used to illuminate the reading area of an office.

If employees don’t have good lighting, they can strain their eyes and be less effective in accomplishing their work. Poor lighting can also cause headaches and fatigue in employees.

By creating an office space that’s comfortable, organized, appropriate, high quality, and well lit, you’ll ensure a happy and productive workforce.

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