Going Green (Honeycomb) Chair – Air cushion technology

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Cape Town Honeycomb Chairs

Honeycomb Chair Innovations

The pioneering honeycomb air cushion technology, used in our Honeycomb Chair range has revolutionized body weight distribution and product longevity – to give you improved long-term sitting comfort and productivity.

The result is a sleek office chair that combines unparalleled long- term sitting comfort with an ultra- durable, lightweight, low profile. It adds cross ventilation, washability and recyclability when compared to traditional seating surfaces.

Honeycomb Chair Production

TThe shape is created by a pattern of hollow cells formed from opposite sides with a wall thickness of only 2–4mm.
The raw material is first melted to be converted into the components.
The back mould is then produced in the injection moulding machine. Two halves make up the negative shape of the components. Melted plastic gets forced into the mould cavity by an hydraulic ram; the part cools and is ejected in a matter of seconds.

The finished ejected honeycomb component now forms the backs of the chairs.

The fabric for this range has been exclusively created to emulate the honeycomb structure and can be customised in various combinations.

Honeycomb chairs cape town
Honeycomb chairs

disadvantages of traditional seat board
  • increases pressure points
  • designed for short-term sitting
  • poor body-weight distribution
  • more body pressure and
  • less ergonomic support
advantages of the honeycomb technology
  • Facilitates better blood circulation • promotes longer sitting periods
  • increases productivity
  • using plastic saves trees
  • it reduces production time
  • is more cost-efficient
  • our new components use 50% recycled plastic
  • 100% recyclability after product life
  • it’s a lightweight product
  • easy to use, move and transport
ease of assembly
  • Components are easy to assemble
  • pull-tie upholstery
  • drastically quicker
  • convenient and cheaper to export
  • Active/passive comfort
  • ecology – recyclable and raw material
  • durability and safety
  • improved quality
  • product variations
  • local content guarantee

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