Ergonomic workstation guidelines and workout

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Sitting-01Ergonomic Workstation Guidelines:

  1. Raise the chair until elbows at height of keyboard.
  2. Hips slightly higher than knees with feet rested on the floor or footrest.
  3. Seated as far back in the chair as possible.
  4. Armrest: Keep elbows close to your body, and shoulders relaxed down.
  5. Monitor: Top most line of work at approximately eye level.
  6. Viewing distance: As far as possible while still seeing the screen clearly.
  7. Keyboards: Keep the keyboard in close proximity; keep your shoulders relaxed, and wrists in line with your forearm.
  8. Keep the mouse in close proximity and alongside the keyboard.


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The Office Workout

All stretches should be performed slowly and carefully, and held for 30 seconds. They should never be painful. If you experience any discomfort, please consult a medical practitioner.



Pull your head forward, chin into chest.

Feel stretch at back of neck.


Clasp hands together, stretch arms and neck forward.

Feel stretch between shoulder blades


Facing forward, pull ear down to shoulder.

Feel stretch in opposite upper shoulder and side of neck.


Clasp hands behind head. Push elbows backwards.

Feel stretch in anterior chest/pecs.


Clasp hands and stretch arms above head.

Feel stretch down side of arms and side of chest.


Stretch arm across body at shoulder level.

Feel stretch at the back of shoulder and upper arm.


Rest ankle onto opposite knee. Lean forward at hips.

Feel stretch in buttock and upper thigh.


Cross one leg over the other.

Pull knee towards opposite shoulder.

Feel stretch on outside of thigh.


Sit on edge of chair.

Keep one leg bent and the opposite leg straight.

Bend forward at hips (not lower back).

Feel stretch at back of straight leg.

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