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The task of equipping your office with new furniture can be quite daunting and should, therefore, be left in the hands of a responsible person. There are many things to take into consideration when purchasing new office furniture; quality, functionality, style and price. It is also important not to make hasty decisions – first, you should determine what kind of furniture you need, how many items you need and what style would best suit your office. Upon deciding to purchase new office furniture , the tips below will assist you in making the right decision:


  1. Choose quality items
    You can never downsize on furniture quality, especially when it comes to office furniture. It is not necessary to buy exquisite designer solutions, but a solid structure is important as well as durability of materials and a consistent style. At Officescene we strive to supply our clients with quality office furniture. Most of our products carry a guarantee on manufacturing and workmanship.
  2. Carefully evaluate the functionality
    Define the functionality of each piece of office furniture. The function you require depends on the line of work you’re in, to some ergonomics is of great importance and to others storage is most important. If you decide to buy new office furniture it is important that you meet the needs of both you and your employees.
  3. Consider using neutral colours and shapes
    Ideally, you should choose a neutral colour palette and make use of ordinary shapes. Neutral colours are less obtrusive, regardless of differences in taste and personal preference. Staying neutral also makes it easier to expand your office furniture without disrupting the general look and feel.
  4. Avoid impersonal furniture 
    It is easy to make your office look unattractive by using standard and inexpensive furniture. As previously mentioned; using designer solutions is not the only way to go, but you should look for furniture that has a distinct style. Employees tend to work more productively if they like the atmosphere they are in. Even though your office is not a home, it should still be pleasant and welcoming.
  5. Order in bulk
    The most affordable solution when it comes to buying office furniture is to buy everything you need at once. You will most likely get a discount, and it will surely save you plenty of time.

It is important to choose a local furniture supplier that has a showroom or warehouse close to you. This will ensure that you pay less for delivery and the lead time may be shorter. Cape Town residents will especially benefit from shopping at Officescene and are welcome to visit our showroom in Cape Town.

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