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Have you ever noticed that some days you are able to get through a ton of work, and other days you are barely able to scrape the barrel of work in front of you regardless of the hours you put in? There is a common misconception that you can get more work done, if you put in longer hours. Studies have shown that people become less productive when they work for long uninterrupted periods. Taking regular breaks can increase your productivity and focus, and improve your health. This is why we have created a 5 step planner to help improve your productivity in the work place.“

5 Steps to stay focused throughout the day


Implementing these 5 Steps will keep you focused and sharp in the workplace, however Office Furniture can also play a role on your Productivity, below we have formulated 12 Tips for Increased productivity.

12 Office design Tips for Increased Productivity

  • Natural Light: A lack of natural light can have a negative psychological effect. It affects the mood and level of productivity of employees.
  • Break Spaces: Create a casual space for break times that will encourage communication among staff and therefore new ideas.
  • Organisation: Workspaces should be free of any rubbish and clutter. An organised space makes for an  organised mind.
  • Furniture: Don’t skimp on furniture. Spending extra on ergonomics .means staff are less likely to take time off work because of various ailments.
  • Colour: Colour has an influence on the mind. For example, yellow inspires creativity and green is calming.
  • Nature: It has been proven that plant life increases cognitive attention and productivity. So pop one on each desk.
  • Air Quality: Make sure the office has air con. This will help prevent illness, while keeping staff comfortable and happy.
  • Privacy: Despite what you’ve heard, staff prefer privacy over an open plan of ice. It allows them to concentrate and work harder.
  • Space: Make sure staff have enough space to walk around. They’ ll be less productive. If they feel too confined.
  • Tech: Tech and equipment should be easily accessible to all members of staff. Mobile tech is useful in this sense.
  • Fusion: Modern offices should include entertainment for staff. The should represent a fusion oil home and work.
  • Smell: Smell also has an effect on productivity. Aromatherapy could therefore be a useful element in the workplace.

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