4 Of The Hottest Trends In Office Furniture

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It used to be that office space only mattered for the work that was to be done, with very little consideration was given to the environment of that space.  Companies are starting to realize that since their employees spend more time at work than anywhere else, design and atmosphere of the office is important.  At OfficeScene, we know the significance of what a great office plan can do to increase productivity and comfortably in your workers so we’re going to tell you what 4 of the hottest trends are right now to liven up your space.

Add Some Color

Studies have been done that show adding bright colors to office space positively impacts creativity.  Not only that, but it livens up your environment.  Ditch the old blacks and browns in favor of something more vibrant—and don’t be afraid to try something bold!  Whether you add a pop of color by introducing a new, funky sofa or a splash of paint on the walls, be creative!

Mobile Furniture

Definitely make sure that whatever chair options you are considering are capable of being easily moved.  Your employees will feel less confined if their chairs have wheels and it will give them the added capability to move around more, leading to increased collaborative efforts.  Stationary desk chairs make your office space look dull and are outdated.  Other moveable elements will create a more synergetic space for the flow of ideas.

Open Spaces

Cubicles are nearly a thing of the past.  Planning more open spaces in your office will increase creativity and allow your employees to work together without defining walls in their way.  Benching has been a hot trend this year for that very reason.  It’s all about increasing the flow of productivity.

Cafeteria and Roof Decks

Your employees work hard so give them a nice relaxing space that allows for proper eating.  Colorful and comfortable cafeterias give your people a place to decompress.  In addition to that, a trendy idea that has caught many a designer’s eye is the creation of roof decks that can be used as an employee hangout space or for any number of events.

There you have it.  If you want to get the most productivity from your workers, give them a space that is designed specifically for their needs.  From benching workspaces, to funky seating, to ergonomic and remanufactured office elements, OfficeScene has it all!  We are the one source you’ll need in creating that fantastic new space for your next office redesign.  Give us a call today at +27 21-933 2492.

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